Areas of Practice

Estate Planning | Wills | Trusts | Probate

Estate Planning (Wills | Trusts | Probate)



-Powers of Attorney

-Transfer on Death Deeds

-Personal Representative Deeds

-Advanced Directives of Health

-Testate and Intestate Probate

-Full Notary Service

We have been preparing wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other estate-related documents since 2008.  Our documents have stood up to court scrutiny and have been accepted state-wide for all testamentary matters.  Along with the preparation of the above documents, we can also prepare all necessary title transfer documents like Quit Claim Deeds, Warranty Deeds, Deeds of Trust, REETA's and etcetera.  In addition to the above, we can notarize any required testamentary or title-transfer document onsite.  

Restoration of Firearm Rights 

-Restore the Right to Possess a firearm in Washington State 

-Misdemeanor Restoration of Firearm Rights

-Felony Restoration of Firearm Rights

Vacate Felony and Misdemeanor Charges in Washington State

We have successfully restored the firearm rights for individuals charged with felony and misdemeanor convictions as well as vacating felony and misdemeanor criminal records in courts all across Washington State.  If you have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor and the requirements under Washington Law have been met, you will be eligible for restoration of rights.  We charge a nominal flat fee investigative charge to determine if you are eligible for vacating or restoration prior to engaging into full service so that you, the client, are not charged just to be rejected by the court a few months down the line.

Traffic Infractions


-HOV Lane Violation

-Cellphone Use While Driving

-Reckless Driving

-Negligent Driving

-Commercial Driving Violations

We have been fighting traffic infractions since 2008 all across Washington State.  Most folks do not know that an attorney can be utilized for simple traffic infractions, but actually the opposite is true and quite effective.  Most of our cases are resolved with either a dismissal or an amendment to a non-moving violation.  Most important to anyone's record is the lack of moving violations.  Moving violations are used by insurance companies and employers to determine rate amounts and employment eligibility.  We encourage everyone to fight their moving violation tickets even if they seem petty with a nominal fee.  Even the cheapest moving infraction, like speeding 5 mph over, or cell phone use while driving, will still have a great impact on your driving record for THREE years, and maybe even four (depending on when the policy is renewed).  All traffic ticket services are flat-fee so that no surprise is had after the resolution of the case.

Criminal Misdemeanors



-Reckless Driving

-Negligent Driving

We have been representing clients in Criminal Misdemeanor and Felony cases since 2008 and all across Washington State.  Because each case is unique, not much can be said to summarize the representation, but rest assured that your matter will be handled in the most professional, discreet manner with a results-driven mindset.  We do not unnecessary take matters to trial or take risks that could hurt the client when other methods of settlement and resolution are available.  We are also not afraid to seek the help of other experts, investigators, and attorneys when matters get out of hand and the prosecuting attorney is not playing fairly.